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As-Built CAD Services

Have you ever been at the end of a project on a job and you almost can't recognize the blueprints because of all of the changes that were made during the project?

Did you know that most specifications are saying it's the mechanical contractor's responsibility to produce the as-builts and to update the CAD drawings?

Mechanical Enlightenment, Inc has the service to meet your needs in these situations: As-Built CAD Service. The As-Built Service is designed to help the mechanical contractor provide the As-Built drawing required by most specifications.

We will take your hand-marked plans and modify existing CAD files or retrace and create new CAD files for you.

The service includes a CD with .DWG and plots so you can print the revised drawings or have vellums made at your local print shop.

On-Site Plotter Printing ServicesOn-Site Plotter Printing Services

Mechanical Enlightenment has a plotter available at our corporate office to meet your printing needs.

Plotter printing provides the benefit of cost and time savings and convenience with electronically available bidding documents (e-mail, CD or online) because it eliminates the time it takes to pick up the documents from the architect or printer and package them for shipping.

Job Costing

The Mechanical Enlightenment Job Costing service is a retrospective analysis of the contractor's actual cost of a project after completion of the job. The contractor will be able to compare Mechanical Enlightenment's costing with Quickbooks® or any other accounting software. Most contractors rely on the accounting computer to job cost, this method does not allow for cross checking and verification of the estimate. Therefore, unknown estimating mistakes may never be detected and repeated over and over again.

By requesting a job costing on a completed project, you will be able to see the inside workings of your company. This inexpensive tool will allow you to make confident decisions that will have a positive effect on the company, profits, and you.

Mechanical Enlightenment offers you the solution for all of your mechanical estimating needs.

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