Mechanical Enlightenment, Inc. provides mechanical preconstruction design cost estimating services. These services are directed to the design team to provide non-biased costing. Our cost consulting allows the design team to make informed decisions to maximize the return of their investment in the development and design phase.

The estimate segments typically provided are:

Conceptual Estimate - Based on the project program scope and desired quality levels to be achieved. Pricing is based on known and historical data and limited in detail. This can establish an owner's budget.

Schematic Design Estimate - Based on further refinement of materials, scope and construction quality. Confirmation of owner's budget cost start taking place. Detail level is improved on all system levels.

Design Development Estimate - This estimate is based on actual Quantity Take-Off. Materials such as fixtures are more defined and detail is well improved.

Construction Document Estimate - The final revisions to cost are made within budgets. Costs can now be used to compare and validate expected bids from trade contractors.

Mechanical Enlightenment offers you the solution for all of your mechanical, ventilation and plumbing estimating needs.
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