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Mechanical Enlightenment will determine a customized financial overhead and burden cost analysis for your plumbing and mechanical contracting company. Knowing your company's exact cost of doing business can be a critical determinant for winning a bid.

Mechanical Enlightenment will calculate your specific labor, burden and overhead costs, simply by providing your business financial information. This statistical data will be incorporated into your plumbing and mechanical estimates for cutting edge competitive bidding.

Labor, burden and overhead costs are dynamic statistics in any business industry. Therefore, we recommend quarterly updates and annual reviews of these vital financial statistics in order for your company to stay competitive in your market area.

A comprehensive report will be provided to the contractor for review.


Mechanical Enlightenment can complete project searches for your Mechanical Contracting Company anywhere in the country. If you belong to a plan room, we can help you follow it and alert you to any potential projects.

If you are interested in these services or any others, simply call us at: 440-793-6000 or e-mail: hello@enlightenmentcompanies.com

Mechanical Enlightenment offers you the solution for all of your mechanical, ventilation and plumbing estimating needs.™

All information provided to Mechanical Enlightenment will be kept in strict confidence.
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