Estimating Services

Mechanical Enlightenment developed service options to make it easy for you to determine your company's specific estimating needs.


Mechanical Enlightenment offers the Turn Key Estimating Service to provide the contractor with a complete and comprehensive estimating service. Acting as your estimating department, Mechanical Enlightenment maintains a seamless appearance to suppliers and general contractors. Our complete estimate will include the quotes directly from your suppliers.

The contractor will need to provide financial information and other such information so we may position your company in the market with competitive bids. Note: Complex or limited financials may require us to perform a Company Financial Overhead & Burden Analysis to determine the company need and costs.


Mechanical Enlightenment provides the Standard Estimating Service We encourage all our contractors to be part of the estimating process. As your estimating team, we help you understand estimating and provide you with the confidence of selling your company and securing profitable work.


Mechanical Enlightenment is available to provide the exact service package to meet your company's unique needs.

Call Mechanical Enlightenment at: 855-793-6770 or 440-793-6000 to discuss how we may customize our service to provide your contracting company with the exact support it needs.


Mechanical Enlightenment will provide a bid Check Estimate to reduce the risk when you do not feel comfortable with an existing estimate. Another reason to get a Check Estimate is if you have been informed that your bid is low. The Check Estimate can also be used as a management tool to qualify potential mechanical quotes for accuracy and validity.
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