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Our goal is to help you make the best decision possible with regards to maintaining and growing your business, and then to support that decision with an unmatched level of quality and service.

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How does the service work?
Please allow me to explain our service in four simple steps.

1. We receive the project plans and any project pertaining documents.
2. We count units and prepare the package materials and/or equipment
3. This step is your choice, you can forward the unit and/or packages to your suppliers or we can do this for you.
4. Once the takeoff is complete and pricing and quotes are received, the estimate is put together and is forwarded to you for your review. At this time, the estimate is yours and you can do with as you wish (submit to GCs or we can do this for you as well).
How do you get the plans?
Plans are obtained from you directly or online.
Can I complete the estimate myself?
Of course. We can provide you with a material and labor breakdown along with proposal information.
Will I be able to afford your service?
Our services are less than half of the cost of a staff estimator, which means we are able to save you money.
Are you after my job?
Absolutely not. We are here to expand your capabilities and add to your current staff on an as needed basis.
Can you do all of my estimating?
We have the ability to be a complete estimating department. Our goal is to support your estimating needs, whether it's maintaining your current work levels or growing your business.
Do you provide the same estimate to other contractors?
No. Not ever. As the President of Enlightenment Companies, Inc., I require extremely high standards of business ethics. You are entrusting me and my staff with confidential information critical to your operation. The estimate will be completed only for you.
How much time do you need to complete a bid?
Obviously the more time, the better, but before you turn away a bidding opportunity, CALL US FIRST.
How do you know my material costs?
They are obtained by the supplier of your choice.
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