Mechanical Enlightenment's Website Gets a Fresh Look!

What improvements were made to Mechanical Enlightenment and the other sites under the Enlightenment Companies' umbrella? Find out here!

August 17, 2016

Cleveland, OH - Enlightenment Companies, a national leader in the electrical, mechanical, HVAC, and plumbing estimating industry, released completely updated websites for each branch of the company.

So why was a redesign of the website oerformed exactly?

Our company takes pride in how we present ourselves to our customers, from our office staff to our in-house estimators.We believe it was important to improve our website so that it reflects how we have developed our brand and have continued grow the business globally. A stagnant website with little direction for the visitor is not going to be helpful and thus gives them no reason to stay on the page, let alone come back to the site. In contrast, a modern website represents our forward thinking mentality.

As you visit our different sites...Electrical EnlightenmentMechanical Enlightenment, and Site Works Enlightenment, you will now see more consistent branding. As you look through the site, there will be no doubt that they all fall under our proven and trusted business led by Ron Soltis; namely, Enlightenment Companies.

Besides a fresh look, improvements were also made to the responsive design of our websites. As more and more website traffic mainly comes from smartphone use, it is vital that our sites were easy to navigate on a wide variety of screen sizes. An extensive testing process was done involving checks across all screen sizes for the visitors' ease of page viewing. Therefore, whether you have an iPhone, an Android device, a Windows phone, or need to contact us on a tablet, you can easily utilize our website and find what you need and contact our offices without any problem.

Additionally, one added feature is our "Grow Your Business" page, containing a captivating infographic with helpful tips. You can find it here...

We look forward to feedback from our visitors.


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